ITV 1h 00m 2012


The forbidden love between a middle-aged family woman and a callow youth working in the same hotel.

Julie works as wedding organiser at a country house hotel. She is a true fan of her work: she loves to look at couples in love and do everything so that the wedding day becomes the happiest in their life. She herself can hardly be called happy: children constantly demand help from her in lessons, tasty food and clean clothes, her former passion for her husband has long died out, and her daughter is growing up rapidly. At one of the ceremonies, she notices a crying young man, Aaron. During the banquet, they start a conversation, and She finds out that he is the brother of the groom, and is desperately in love with the bride. Unhappy boy shares his grief with her and finds understanding. THey have a pep talk, she encourages him to get a job at the hotel, which he does. He is grateful to her and that gratitude soon turns to a moment of passion.

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